The London Gentleman is a blogger living and working in London. I explore the city in many forms – from lifestyle, design and architecture, to the arts.



The London Gentleman

Essentially the seed of this website was my Instagram feed. I always had a comment or description to go with the image I posted and as time went by I found I was doing more and more research, all for the tiny space underneath an Instagram photo. Out of all of that extra research and writing I was developing for Instagram, the idea for this site was born. A curated online destination for the discerning gentleman and traveller.

So one long weekend, when I needed a break from work, I created this website and The London Gentleman was born, with umbrella logo and everything. I started writing about hotels, exciting exhibitions and great places to visit in London.

 There is also a global section (The Curated Series) that will be more like a magazine. Where I can share a wider range of travel, lifestyle, art and design outside of London as well. 

Well, here it is, my travel and lifestyle guide of sorts. A carefully curated and discerning guide to art, architecture, design, food, fashion, and more.

Thank you for visiting.