Do Ho Suh's Passageways


Do Ho Suh - Passages

Victoria Miro, Wharf Road

1st Feb - 18th March



Suh’s nine ‘hubs’ on the top floor of Victoria Miro’s Wharf Road space are one to one reproductions of apartments’ transient spaces. Doors, hallways, all made of delicately stitched together translucent coloured polyester. They lead through one another like a passage of thought.

As you walk through the structures of the instillation you become a tourist in Suh’s life, moving from one apartment to another, one country to the next. The architectural fabric marks boundaries of identity and memory. The passages and rooms that make up a persons life, of perhaps, their journey.  

These weightless impressions of space are places between past and present; an artists impression of memory, of one’s own history. Everyone has that moment you recall a story from your past or an old friend you used to know, one almost instinctively remembers the house you lived in at that time. Home at any one time in your life can become the focal point to all your memories, the anchor. 

The bright almost joyful structures capture also what it means to be a ‘global citizen’, moving from one country to the next, to be transient even a little lonely. But they celebrate that change, that chance to grow new roots somewhere, make new memories. You can see that in the simple happiness everyone has of seeing a fire extinguisher or door handle made out of bright translucent orange polyester. At once real and recognisable, but without function, seems to instinctively bring a smile to everyones face. Utterly charming.


‘I see life as a passageway, with no fixed beginning or destination…we tend to focus on the destination all the time and forget the in between spaces.’

Do Ho Suh