Sol LeWitt at Marian Goodman


The supreme rifts… a measured propinquity.

Marian Goodman

2nd Mar - 8th Apr




The instillation of four drawings on the first floor gallery space at Marian Goodman, executed directly on to the gallery walls, requiring multiple successive layers of ink wash, a task which took weeks to complete by six students from Central St Martins. The large blocks of colour were conceived by the artist between 1988 and 1995. 

LeWitt was pivotal in the development of Conceptual Art, where the idea was as much a work of art as the completed piece of work. He challenged what art was and what it could be. He created original art works on paper and left strict instruction on paper, to be executed by others, as to the instillation of his work.

His work here is deeply concerned with colour. Colour is inexplicable and that is the pleasure of it. Each colour has a different nature and a different effect, and to be so totally surrounded by it, enveloped in these blocks of colour is deeply affecting. 

The drawings were executed from Feb 20th to March 16th by six students from Central St Martins in London.


Painting is the finest medium to deploy colour anyone has ever invented.
— Christopher LeBrun, President of The Royal Academy