The Theatre of Dissappearance in Soho


Adrian Villar Rojas

From the Series ‘The Theatre of Disappearance’

Marian Goodman, London

5th June - 21 July



Part of a larger series that is being shown internationally, the Roof of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Kunsthaus Bregenz and the NEON Foundation in Athens.

Making uncanny hybrids of sculptures derived from objects he found in the Met’s collection. Here at Marian Goodman in London he presents a life size marble reproduction the legs of Michelangelo’s David in a black mirrored hallucinatory environment. Rojas is a master of manipulationcraeting strange chimerical creatures and alien arrangements for his instillations. 

He is undoing History of Art, taking apart the encyclopaedia that is the museum, disrupting the normal rules of the museum, making new interpretations. But this is mostly a playful and creative process for Rojas, not a political or social statement. So you are invited to give yourself up to the sensational, hazy dream like scene of Michelangelo’s David with playful kittens at his feet.


Curated Guide:

The Roof Garden Commission: Adrian Villar Rojas: The Theatre of Disappearance

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 

14 Apr - 21 Oct