Frequently asked Questions

What Cameras Do You Use?

I use a few different cameras. My everyday camera for just walking around London is a Lumix G3, a compact mirrorless camera that is really light and has a brilliant focus. If I have the time or have a project that I think needs a better image quality, then I use a Cannon 7D, it's quite a bit heavier but well worth it for the results.

Who takes your pictures?

I do. I will always take all my own shots. I love photography and will always be trying to learn more. For some sections though, like the review section and curated section the images are not mine, but I will always make that clear by acknowledging where the image is sourced from.

Do you do collaborations?

I am always interested in collaborations, but I have and will always be discerning and only feature something that I am interested in. If you want to get in touch please use the contact page. I would be more than happy to hear about any suggestions you may have.


How did you build you website?

Well, essentially I built the website myself using Squarespace. Which has so many options that you can fully customise however you want it. 

I want to get in touch?

If you want to ask me something please use the contact section that you can find bellow at the bottom of the page.

If you have anything you want to ask about any of the posts I have made please use the comment section on any of the pages and I will try to answer your questions there.

What is Your curated section?

This is a section where I can share all the interesting and exciting travel tips, exhibitions, festivals and more from around the world. These will be personaly chosen by me. Essentially they are places or shows I would love to see but don't have the opportunity or time. It will hopefully be a great resource for people to find tips and ideas for their travels or a weekend on the city.