'Tokyo Slow' with Tokyobike



Tabernacle Street

East London



A recent discovery on the streets of London, a little slice of Tokyo style, the small independent bike and life-style brand, Tokyobike. Founded in 2002 in the quiet suburbs of Tokyo, Yanaka, these are cool, light weight and classic looking bikes at their very best.

These bikes are tailor made for the city. They treat the bike as an extension to your life and one that should improve it. Getting around on a bike will often change your relationship with the city, and help you fall in love with areas you had long forgotten or never even explored. They are simple, functional, and stylish objects that allow you to enjoy your surroundings and your ride. 

Designed around the concept of 'Tokyo Slow', these bikes are light and have comfort a priority over that of pure speed, that a 'slow' life is not necessarily a bad thing for people in a city. Driven by technology and efficiency at work, constantly striving for better and faster, but afterwards when the working day is done, we need to wind down. We need to recapture that spirit of the city and people around us, rather than rapidly slicing through the streets home without a moments notice for the environment around us. This is what shapes the design of this bike. 

But this is a bike of high quality; even though it is reasonably priced; wether you use it for commuting, for cycling at the weekends or both, this bike is built to last. Like any handmade product whose worth lies in its superior performance and style, its the care that goes into the product that makes it valuable. Here they have chosen 'quality over quantity', a lot of the bikes are in limited editions, and all are handmade. 

They have collaborations with Brooks (Tokyobike has created a 150th anniversary limited edition Mini Velo bike, handmade by Japan master bike builder Osamu Fukuda), Ace Hotels, Mr.Porter and Ally Capelino amongst others.

The staff are brilliant too. They will chat at length with you about why you want a bike, what aspects of your day you want to use it for, and tailor it to your needs. They are honest about each bike and the different customisations they can do, or that you will have no need for. They all use the bikes themselves; and they do the servicing in the shop, so they know these bikes inside and out. You can always drop in with your bike and they will be there ready to fix it for you or to make any changes you need. 



Tokyobike Classic Sport


Hedon Helmet, Cortex


Fairweather 2 Way Backpack / Pannier


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