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Regent Street, London



This minimal lighting can be seen across COS stores around the world (above, Regent Street store). Designed by Michael Anastassiades, a trained engineer and graduate of London’s Royal College of Art, his work deftly combines fine art and with functionality. His mobile chandelier collection featuring linear metalworking delicate glass spheres, each designed to be perfectly balanced.

This design informed their much celebrated project for the Salon Del Mobile in Milan this year.

An immersive and multi-sensory experience named ‘New Spring’ in collaboration with Studio Swine. A tree like sculpture that echoes the design of Anastassiades. But this tree emits pale bubbles which dissolve into a white mist when they burst. The bubbles emerge from the end of each branch, bursting when they come into contact with skin but not when they touch textured fabrics. 





COS x Studio Swine, Salon Del Mobile, Milan 2017.

(On show at Cinema Arti, Via Pietro Mascagni 8, Milan) ALL Images via COs.



Cos X Serpentine Galleries Park Nights 2017



Images here via COS.

A series of events of art, dance, film and technology programmed for the new Serpentine Pavilion designed by award-winning architect Francis Kéré. This year’s series takes place on selected Friday evenings from 30th June until 22nd September, features site-specific events by a range of international artists. 

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Pioneering performance artist Eleanor Antin presents a new reading and performance.