Los Enamorados, A Stylish Destination in Ibiza


Los Enamorados







In the quiet and rocky north of Ibiza is the beautiful hotel of Los Enamorados. Tropical, colorful, and full of inspiring and personal details, this luxury boutique hotel in Ibiza is the kind of unpretentious, slightly eccentric, style that makes Ibiza such a wonderful destination. Overlooking a tranquil bay in Portinax, the quiet northern tip of the island, it’s a relaxing place of fun, escape and marvelous curiosity. 

The warm waterside terrace acts as bar, restaurant and sun deck for guests. Quietly filled with knowledgeable 30-somethings who have been told about this hotel's extraordinary mid-century-tropical aesthetic. Guests sit alongside clued-up locals who enjoy the incredibly fresh menu at long tables. Portinatx is an old fishing village at heart. The menu at Los Enamorados takes great advantage of this, serving fish tacos and seared pulpo; the menu is very variable, relying heavily on the local catch each day, but ensuring its freshness. The bar, which is shaded by thatched faded palm fronds and lined with sheepskin-topped stools, serves healthy juices, great cocktails and some of the best coffee on the island.

The interiors are a myriad of colour, texture and artfulness skilfully brought together. The nine jewel coloured bedrooms, with pile rugs and raffia wall hangings create a romantic motel vibe, opulent and messy. They may well be small, but each with private sea view balconies and flowing  burnt-orange curtains and huge triple-mattress CocoMat beds feel like the perfect place to watch the small fishing boats return at sunset. This is a boutique hotel with a very different experience for those that eagerly look for something more genuine and unique.

The hotel has its own sprawling bazaar style store, but its boundaries are blurred as everything in the hotel is for sale, from the Ligne Roset Togo sofa to the colourful African blankets, kilim rugs, handmade local ceramics, jewellery and so much more besides. 

The whole place, top to bottom is harmoniously chic. Exploring this northerly point of Ibiza is well worth it, not just for the quiet coves, rocky coastline and lighthouse.  The food, cocktails, scenery and vibe here are all destination-worthy in their own right.